Lake Greenwood Great Treasure Hunt

The Treasure:
Over $3,000 in cash and gift cards!

When: Saturday, May 18th, 2019   Rain date May 19th.

Time:  Check-in 11:30-12:30    12:30 Participants are given Treasure location clues and map for planning

1pm- Boat Release    Boats must return by 4pm Social 4:30 Award Presentations

Start Location:  Break on the Lake.  The 1 pm start, we will use a “Split Start”: First 5 minutes all boats remain at ideal speed and are pre-assigned a 1st individual specific location to find within 1 mile of break.  This assures all boats leave safely and are divided for the first location. 

Entry:  Free online entry if before May 4th. After May 4th $20 entry per boat, Day of event $30 entry per boat.  

15 bonus points are awarded for boats who register before April 1.
10 bonus points if register between April 1 – April 20th.

CLG reserves the right to postpone the event should we have less than 20 entries by May 15th

Participants: You may have as many participants as you want in each boat.  We suggest include someone who knows the lake, someone to take pictures and video, a captain and fun folks!

Rules: Boats will be given clues to find specific marked locations around the lake.  You have between 1 pm and up to 4 pm to find locations. All report back to Break on the Lake by 4 pm.  4:30 pm is an award ceremony.

At each location found, you take a picture with 1 or more of your participants holding your boat sign number along with location in the picture.  Text you picture immediately to the event coordinator. Each location will have a numbered marker so you can confirm the correct location.

Boats may also participate in optional bonus points during the event.  


  • Boats are awarded 10 points for finding locations from clues and remitting picture.  The number of locations will be announced at the event. Boats arriving at Break on the Lake after 4 pm will have 1 point per minute deducted from the total.
  • Optional Bonus Points for accomplishing any of the below:
  • Bonus Points- 10 points each.   Note: These may change, just in planning currently. 
    • We will have fun and crazy challenges during the event that provides bonus points.  Details to come.

Award Catagories:

A:  Three Optional Catagories for $$$:    

    1. Optional ticket for “Treasury Pot”:  Each boat can purchase up to 2 tickets at $25 each for a chance to win the pot.  We will have 5 draws. 1st place- 50%, 2nd place- $20%, 3rd Place- 15%, 4th Place- $10%, 5th Place- 5%.  
    2. Best decorated boat– $100 in Gift Certificates
    3. Best team costume award- $100 in gift certificates
      2 & 3 will be decided by a committee of judges.

B:  Treasure Hunt Award Rules

Awards are based on total point accumulation. Top 10 boats with the highest points will be awarded.  Ties will be determined by  

  1. Cash/Gift Card awards based on total points per boat

$1,000 in Cash + $1,500 in Gift Cards to local restaurant businesses  

  • 1st Place $500: ($200 Cash & $300 Gift Cards)
  • 2nd Place $405 ($150 Cash & $255 Gift Cards)
  • 3rd Place $355 ($130 Cash & $225 Gift Cards)
  • 4th Place $280 ($100 Cash & $180 Gift Cards)
  • 5th Place $255 ($90 Cash & $165 Gift Cards)
  • 6th Place $185 ($80 Cash & $105 Gift Cards)
  • 7th Place $165 ($75 Cash & $90 Gift Cards)
  • 8th Place $145 ($70 Cash & $75 Gift Cards)
  • 9th Place $125 ($65 Cash & $60 Gift Cards)
  • 10th Place $75 ($30 Cash & $45 Gift Cards)

Details of Rules:

Lake Treasure Map will be divided into Three Sections: Upper, Middle, and Lower

Upper Section will be above the Hwy 221/72 Main Bridge, including parts of Saluda and Reedy

Middle Section will be from Hwy 221-72 Main Bridge to Goat Island  

Lower Section will be from Lower RR Trestle to Dam.

Treasure Hunt

Registration for boat entry
  • Person entering the boat
  • Jet Skies not allowed
  • Participants can purchase one $20 ticket for Pot, we will draw 10 people after event to win % of pot.