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  • Gateway Signs for Greenwood and Laurens: Completed 4/17
  • Safety/Navigation Lights on Bridges Completed 6/17
  • Decorative Lighting on hwy 72 Bridge – Postponed for more research
  • Wayfinding historical signs- Completed 3/17
  • Road side Crape Myrtles planted Hwy 72 Bridge – Completed 5/17
  • Lake Greenwood Lake District Signs – Completed 7/17
  • Sky Cam on Hwy 72 Bridge – Complete 11/17
  • Gwd/DNR additional sheriff patrol boat project – Active 2018
  • Break on the Lake Restaurant- Opening April 2018
  • Joint Gwd State Park/ Gwd County Walk-bike trail – Completed 01/18
  • Zoning discussion for Laurens lake front property- in discussion


  • New Jet Ski Rental Company- Summer 2018 Skippers
  • Economic Impact study on lake- Projected for early 2019
  • Established primary information source for Lake Greenwood: CLG Web-Social Media Est 03/14
  • Lake Capacity Study – Projected in 2019
  • New kayak, canoe, paddle board company- 2018 At Skippers
  • New play floating jungle gym –Open 2018 at Skippers
  • Up lights on Crape Myrtles at Hwy 72 bridge- Installed spring 2018
  • CSX bridges “no wake” zone- completed 02/18
  • Communication System Lake front owners- In progress
  • CLG Oversees the Lake Master Plan


  • Established of largest event ever on Lake- Lights on the Lake 07/14
  • Multiple Concert Series- Est. 2016
  • Life on the Lake Summit- largest attended social meeting Est: 4/16
  • Ecipsefest Boat Social 2017
  • Boat Socials – est: 2017
  • Fireworks at Semetra Golf Tour- Est: 2016
  • Flotilla – est: 2017