CLG puts the interests of the lake first and works to elevate its place in our lives — all for a more enjoyable, safe and fun lake experience.

CONNECT LAKE GREENWOOD is a nonprofit 501c6 organization. Multiple people have joined hands with a group of caring volunteers and businesses that serve the Lake Greenwood community. We all want one thing: to make life on Lake Greenwood better for everyone. We want to get everyone interested and on board.

Mission Statement
To advocate, enhance and promote enjoyment of life on the lake for everyone who lives, works, and plays at Lake Greenwood.

Vision Statement
As a result of fulfilling our mission:

  • Stakeholders are consistently informed about and engaged in maximizing the quality of life on Lake Greenwood
  • The Lake Greenwood region achieves sustainable economic development that deepens the satisfaction of our stakeholders
  • Stakeholders strive to complement each other’s mission without duplicating efforts or diluting support

Find the lake resources and information you need to help us all build a better community. 

Connect Lake Greenwood – Board

Tony Curreri Lakelands Realty tony@lakelandsrealty.com
Kevin Cartee Camp Fellowship kevin@campfellowship.org
Chris Curreri Lakelands Realty chris@lakelandsrealty.com
Gwen Gunnells Gunnells Marine gwen@gunnellsmarine.com
Shonna Lee Acopia Home Loans shonnalee@acopiahomeloans.com
Kristie Lumley Retired- former DNR kristielumleysc@gmail.com
Kevin Prator Break on the Lake kcprater@breakonthelakegwd.com
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