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All types of activities and recreation.

Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing Lessons.  Gunnells Marine will do these lessons, on Tuesday night starting June 3 and running to August 6.  Must sign on each week at Gunnells Marine, under 18 must have a signed release by parent or guardian.  See www.gunnellsmarine.com for more details or call 864 223 2275

Stress free canoeing on Lake Greenwood

Boat Ramp Name County Latitude Longitude
Greenwood Access Area Greenwood 34.17415 -81.92005
Greenwood Shores Greenwood 34.18648 -81.9341
Greenwood State Park Greenwood 34.19742 -81.94637
Laurens Shrine Club Laurens 34.2936 -82.0717
Souls Harbor Greenwood 34.3252 -82.16825


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[av_toggle title=’If my boat is registered in another state can I use it on Lake Greenwood while vacationing?’ tags=”]
Yes! You can use your boat for 60 consecutive days as long as your boat is currently registered in your state and a valid decal is on the bow of your boat. You must have your registration card on the vessel when operating it.

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  • Title in your name if you are moving from a titling state.
  • Provide your Current Registration Card
  • Photograph of Hull ID Number.
  • Completed and Signed Application
  • Fee of $40 for new registration and title

[av_toggle title=’Do I have to provide proof of insurance?’ tags=”]
No. South Carolina registration laws do not require you to show proof of insurance to register the boat in South Carolina.

[av_toggle title=’Do boat motors have to be titled separately?’ tags=”]
Yes. All outboard motors 5hp or greater must be titled.

[av_toggle title=’What about trailers?’ tags=”]
No. Boat trailers do not have to be titled as long as they do not weigh more than 2,500 pounds when empty.

[av_toggle title=’What is the minimum age to legally operate a boat on Lake Greenwood?’ tags=”]
16 years old. However, boat operators under age 16 may operate a personal watercraft as long as they have completed a SCDNR approved boater course, unless accompanied by an adult age eighteen years or older.

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Boating is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the area. Be safe and know the guidelines.


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