How are water levels controlled?

Controlled by Lake Greenwood Management under the direction of Greenwood County.  The Rule Curve is a Federally mandated guide for water levels in Lake Greenwood. The Rule Curve stipulates where the lake level should be during the year. Full pond is considered 439.  County lowers the lake level beginning end of October to 434.50 and beginning rising it late January. [...]

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What about sediment and will Greenwood dredge the lake?

Probably the most requested question, especially from people who live on in coves or part of the lake with low water levels. There has been numerous restrictions implemented to reduce sediment into the lake. To dredge the lake would cost in the millions, it simply can’t be offered at this time. County Council is aware of this and discussions have [...]

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Are docks allowed on ALL properties?

No, Docks are allowed on the  majority of properties; however, there are some areas that have been designated as critical habitat areas. The shoreline may not be improved on or modified in these particular areas. To learn more about critical habitat areas click here.

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How long can my dock be?

110'. As long as your dock does not extend past 1/3 the total distance from your shoreline to the opposite shoreline; your dock does not create a safety hazard for navigation of watercraft.

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