Handicapped Parking Pass:
Complete form below to request a pass.  Request are considered only for someone in a wheelchair, on crutches or walker.  Bus transportation will be provided to and from parking lots.  Limited spots are available, once we fill lot, we will email you no spots remaining.  Request must be made in advance – by June 20th.
Once you complete form below, you should receive an email within 48 hrs providing you a pass or informing you we are full.  If you do not receive one, email pedenjimmy@gmail.com

If you don’t receive a pass, you can have someone drive you down to lake front,   drop you off, then go park.  We do have buses to take you from parking lots.

Handicapped Parking Request

Person remitting is attesting they use wheelchair, crutches or walker.
  • We will email your handicapped form, provided we have spaces remaining.